All Good Clean Fun

Picture of front coverTitle: All Good Clean Fun
Format: 2LP
Company: United Artists Records
Ordering Number: UDX 201/2
Matrix Numbers: UDX 201 A-10 / B-10 / UDX 202 A-20 / B-10
Country: England
Year: 19??
Side 1:
  1. Eric Burdon & War    Spill the wine    4:53
  2. Help Yourself    Street songs    5:35
  3. Nitty Gritty Dirt Band    Chicken reel    0:59
  4. Colin Scot    Take me away    3:15
  5. If    Here comes Mr. Time    4:47
  6. Man    Daughter of the fireplace    5:11
Side 2:
  1. Cochise    Home again    3:41
  2. Morning    Dirt roads    1:30
  3. Gypsy    Let me take you home    4:10
  4. Allan Taylor    Song for Kathy    3:32
  5. Ernie Graham    Don't want me round you    4:30
  6. Canned Heat & John Lee Hooker    Boogie Chillen No.2 - An excerpt    6:10
Side 3:
  1. Groundhogs    Cherry red    5:40
  2. Sugarloaf    Hot water    4:10
  3. Hawkwind    Be yourself - An excerpt    5:45
  4. Amon Düül II    Race from here to your ears    5:18
  5. Morning    Roll 'em down    3:05
Side 4:
  1. Canned Heat    That´s all right mama    4:18
  2. Brinsley Schwarz    Funk angel    4:16
  3. Reg King    Gone away    2:35
  4. Nitty Gritty Dirt Band    Yukon railroad    2:20
  5. Sweet Pain    Joy - Excerpt    4:25
  6. B. B. Blunder    Seed    5:35

Notes and comments:

The album has a nice sleeve, it's not a gatefold, there's a flap on the back side you have to open. Also included: a little booklet with remarks about the Bands included on this album.

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