2. Blues Festival Bonn '87

Picture of front coverTitle: 2. Blues Festival Bonn '87
Format: 1CD
Company: Half Moon Records
Ordering Number: CD Moon 8851
Matrix Number: MADE BY KOCH 031.422.008.851.0    CDM04
Country: Austria
Year: 1988
  1. Stan Webb's Chicken Shack    The thrill has gone    7:49
  2. Stan Webb's Chicken Shack    Have you ever loved a woman    10:50
  3. Stan Webb's Chicken Shack    I'd rather go blind    6:38
  4. Dr. Feelgood    Down at the doctors    4:09
  5. Dr. Feelgood    See you later alligator    3:25
  6. Dr. Feelgood    Back in the night    4:07
  7. Dr. Feelgood    Milk and alcohol    2:40
  8. Man    What a night    3:21
  9. Man    Jumping like a kangaroo    4:53
  10. Man    Bananas    8:33
  11. Canned Heat    Going up the country    2:58
  12. Canned Heat    Rollin' and tumblin'    4:19
  13. Canned Heat    Amphetamine Annie    4:22
  14. Session: Canned Heat/Stan Webb/David Wilkie/Deke Leonard/Mickey Jones    Dust my broom    8:48
Recorded live at the Biskuithalle Bonn, September 27, 1987

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