California Jam

Picture of front coverRear side of coverTitle: California Jam 2
Format: 2LP
Company: CBS Records
Ordering Number: CBS 88318
Matrix Numbers: CBS-01-88318-1A-1 / -1B1 / -1C-1 / -1D-1
Country: Holland
Year: 1978
Side 1:
  1. Santana    Jugando    2:04
  2. Santana    Dance sister dance    7:41
  3. Dave Mason    Let it go, let it flow    4:21
  4. Dave Mason    We just disagree    3:04
Side 2:
  1. Heart    Love alive    4:29
  2. Heart    Little Queen    6:49
  3. Ted Nugent    Free-for-all    5:09
  4. Ted Nugent    Snakeskin cowboys    4:35
Side 3:
  1. Aerosmith    Same old song and dance    5:09
  2. Aerosmith    Draw the line    4:34
  3. Aerosmith    Chip away the stone    4:06
  4. Jean Michel Jarre    Oxygene (Part 5)    ??:??
Side 4:
  1. Frank Marino & Mahogany Rush    I'm a king bee    6:22
  2. Frank Marino & Mahogany Rush    Johnny B. Goode    8:04
  3. Rubicon    Never gonna leave    3:43
  4. Rubicon    Too hot to handle    4:06
Recorded live at the California Jam 2 Festival. Jean Michel Jarre's "Oxygene" taken from the album "Oxygene".

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