Danke '80

Picture of front coverTitle: Danke '80
Format: 1LP
Company: CBS Records
Ordering Number: CBS 1980
Matrix Numbers: ST DANKE 1980-A / B
Country: Germany
Year: 1980
Side 1:
  1. Goombay Dance Band    Sun of Jamaica
  2. Costa Cordalis    Pan
  3. Paola    Cinema
  4. Peter Orloff    Ich muß heim
  5. Ingrid Peters    Weißt du wo du hingehst
  6. Bernhard Brink    Fieber
  7. Ricky King    Moonshot
  8. Lake    Celebrate
  9. Spliff    Sweet as radio
  10. Nina Hagen    African Reggae
Side 2:
  1. Olivia Newton-John    Xanadu
  2. Garland Jeffreys    Matador
  3. Johnny Logan    What´s another year
  4. Michael Jackson    Rock with you
  5. Electric Light Orchestra    Confusion
  6. Styx    Boat on the river
  7. KC and the Sunshine Band    Please don't go
  8. Frank Zappa    Bobby Brown
  9. Mike Batt    Lady of the dawn
  10. Barbara Dickinson    January February

Notes and comments:

This is one example from the german "Danke" ("Thank you") series, released by CBS Records as a give away to people anf friends somehow connected to the record company. This series was to my knowledge not available in stores. It says "Limited and numbered special edition for our friends". My copy number is 2232. I think this series was produced from the mid seventies on since now, just that recent releases of the nineties are now CD's. I haven't seen any albums from this millenium, though.

Side one includes only german artists and bands, with the exception of the last three tracks all "Schlager" music. Spliff is the old Nina Hagen Band (after Nina left the band to make recordings in the USA) with an additional american singer (only for the album "Spliff Radio Show", from which this song here derived from).
Side two consists of international artists from the label. Did someone at CBS notice the lyrics to Zappa's Bobby Brown at that time? - I wonder wonder...   8-)

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