Flashback Worldproductions

Picture of frontcoverTitle: Flashback Worldproduction presents Promo Edition No.1
Format: 1CD
Company: Flashback Worldproductions
Ordering Number: FB Promo 1
Matrix Number: WIZARD A 4236
Country: Luxembourg (but more probably Germany)
Year: unknown (around 1990 maybe)
  1. Billy Idol    Do not stand in the shadow    (from "Rebell Yell")
  2. Nirvana    Breed    (from "Smells like Nirvana")
  3. Queen    Another one bites the dust    (from "Rock in Japan")
  4. Guns & Roses    It's so easy    (from "Silent Shots")
  5. R.E.M.    Stand    (from "Songs for a green world")
  6. Sting    Mad about you    (from "Happy birthday Sting")
  7. Simply Red    The red box (from "The colour red")
  8. Stray Cats    Sexy and 17    (from "Rumble in town")
  9. Metallica    Four horsemen    (from "Metal masters")
  10. Stevie Ray Vaughan    Love struck baby    (from "Looking at you")
  11. Megadeath    Liar    (from "Set the world on fire")
  12. The Police    Truth hits everybody    (from "Message from New York")
  13. Judas Priest    The metal gods    (from "Metal gods")
  14. AC/DC    Shot down in flames    (from "Living in the hell")
  15. Black Crowes    Twice as hard    (from "Croacking crows")
  16. Chris Rea    Dancing shoes    (from "Dancing shoes")
  17. Jeff Healey    Little girl    (from "Live at the Electric Ladyland")
  18. Stray Cats    Rumble in Brighton    (from "Runaway boys")
Live recordings from different sources and dates.

Notes and comments:

The Promo compilation was released in a gatefold cardboard sleeve, with the tracklist inside and an excerpt of their catalogue on the back, from catalogue number 0134 to 0174.

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