Glastonbury Fayre Festival

Picture of front coverTitle: Glastonbury Fayre Festival
Format: 2CD
Company: Buccaneer Records
Ordering Number: BUC 029/2
Matrix Numbers: GHE. SAN. DISC BUC 029/1 / 029/2
Country: Italy
Year: 1991
  1. Grateful Dead    Dark star    24:01    (Waterbury? April 1972)
  2. Brinsley Schwarz    Love song    4:07    (Olympic Studios)
  3. Mighty Baby    A blanket in my muesli    15:54    (GFF June 25th, 1971)
  4. Marc Bolan    Sunken rags    2:25    (Marc´s home)
  5. Pete Townshend    Classified    3:49    (Peter´s home)
  6. David Bowie    Supermen    2:41    (Trident Studios)
  7. Hawkwind    Silver machine and welcome    7:19    (Berondhouse? Chalk Farm February13th, 1972)
  8. Skin Alley    Sun music    4:45    (Trident Studios)
  1. Daevid Allen & The Gong    Glad stoned
  2. Daevid Allen & The Gong    Buried fielding
  3. Daevid Allen & The Gong    Flash and fresh
  4. Daevid Allen & The Gong    Fest footprint in
  5. Daevid Allen & The Gong    My memory    total of 23:02    (unknown venue)
  6. The Pink Fairies    Uncle Harry's last freak out    4:06    (GFF June 24th, 1971)
  7. The Pink Fairies    Do it    19:39    (GFF June 24th, 1971)
  8. Edgar Broughton Band    Out demons out    20:18    (GFF June 24th, 1971)
Some recordings live from the Glastonbury Fayre Festival June 1971

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