Howard Stern Private Parts

Picture of front coverTitle: Howard Stern Private Parts
Format: 1CD
Company: Warner Brothers
Ordering Number: 9362-46477-2
Matrix Number: 936246477-2    WME
Country: Germany
Year: 1997
  1. Pig Virus
  2. Rob Zombie With Howard Stern    The Great American Nightmare
  3. Mama Look -- A Boo Boo
  4. ??? With Flea, Dave Navarro and Chad Smith    I Make My Own Rules
  5. The Match Game
  6. Porno For Pyros    Hard Charger
  7. Moti
  8. Marylin Manson    The Suck For Your Solution
  9. Lance Eluction
  10. Ozzy Osbourne With Type O Negative    Pictures Of Matchstick Men
  11. The Contest
  12. Green Day    Tired Of Waiting For You
  13. WRNW
  14. Ramones    Pinhead
  15. Oh Howard
  16. The Ben Stern Megamix
  17. The Howard Stern Experience
  18. Deep Purple    Smoke On The Water
  19. WCCC
  20. Cheap Trick    I Want You To Want Me
  21. The Antichrist
  22. Ted Nugent    Cat Scratch Fever
  23. WNBC
  24. Van Halen    Jamie's Cryin'
  25. Crackhead Bob
  26. AC/DC    You Shook Me All Night Long (Live)
  27. Howard You Stink
  28. Ladies & Gentleman
  29. Howard Stern And The Dust Brothers    Tortured Man
This is a Soundtrack to the film.

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