Let It Rock - For Release

Picture of front coverTitle: Let It Rock - For Release
Format: 1LP
Company: Kinney Music GmbH
Ordering Number: KIN 68 004
Matrix Numbers: 68004-A" / 68004-B
Country: Germany
Year: 1972
Side 1:
  1. Yes    Yours is no disgrace    3:15
  2. Curved Air    Back street luv    3:38
  3. John B. Sebastian    Black satin kid    2:38
  4. Faces    Flying    4:10
  5. Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young    Long time gone    5:33
  6. Led Zeppelin    Communication Breakdown    2:26
Side 2:
  1. Family    Peace of mind    2:17
  2. Moby Grape    Goin' down to Texas    2:00
  3. Frank Zappa & The Mothers Of Invention    Willie the pimp 1    2:50
  4. John Baldry    I'm ready    4:15
  5. Passport / Klaus Doldinger    Schirokko    5:29
  6. James Taylor    Fire and rain    2:48
We believe it is high time that something is being done against the threatening drug situation in Germany. Although the problem has been acknowledged by the police, the physicians and pedogogues in the meantime, these "authorities" usually have difficulties in establishing contact with the addicts. Considerable results have been achieved by a very active self-help organization consisting of former addicts. They call themself "Release", meaning rescue, a rescue from the poison through enlightment, breaking the habit, and by giving help during reconvalescence. Kinney believes this organization, which in the meantime is in varous countries, to be so effective, that Kinney wants to help Release. And by doing so, doing it the most direct and effective way. Namely, with this record. The artists on this record have spontaneously declared that they are willing to relinquish their artist's fee in the interest in this urgent and important matter. As a result of which the record will be so inexpensive. And of the price you pay, 2 DM will go to Release. In the meantime, Release has a number of therapeutic homes in the country, and it also maintains, in cooperation with physicians, drug consultation centers. The money will be used to open additional consultation centers.
[Taken from the liner notes]

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