From the vaults to biggest halls

Picture of frontcoverTitle: Live in concert - From the vault to biggest halls
Format: 1CD
Company: Living Legend Records
Ordering Number: LLPR 901
Matrix Number: ICP LLPR 901
Country: Italy (but more probably Germany)
Year: 1991
  1. Mindbenders    Groovy kind of love    1:54    (from: The Early Days of Rock - Vol.2)
  2. Pink Floyd    Julia dream    2:23    (from: Rhapsody in Pink)
  3. Beatles    Yer Blues    4:01    (from: All you need is this)
  4. Eric Burdon & The Animals    Monterey    5:58    (from: When we were young)
  5. The Who    Summertime Blues    3:15    (from: The Monterey Pop Festival 1967 - Vol.1)
  6. Rolling Stones feat. Stevie Wonder    Satisfaction    5:08    (from: All the Hits - The best of live in concert)
  7. King Crimson    The night watch    4:25    (from: Cat Food)
  8. Allman Brothers Band    Done somebody wrong    4:17    (from: Live in Concert)
  9. Jimi Hendrix    Voodoo Chile    6:53    (from: The first rays of the new rising sun)
  10. Eric Clapton    Little wing    5:00    (from: Little Wing)
  11. Steve Miller    The joker    5:00    (from: The Space Cowboy)
  12. Steely Dan    Rikki don't loose    4:00    (from: Reeling through the years)
  13. Aerosmith    Dream on    4:36    (from: Young Lust)
  14. Frank Zappa    The meany    1:49    (from: Trick or Treat)
  15. Neil Young    I'm a child    2:38    (from: Down by the river)
  16. John Lennon    Imagine    3:02    (from: The lost Lennon tapes - Vol.4)
  17. Dire Straits    Money for nothing    7:50    (from: San Antonio '85)

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