Oh Boy... The Compilation

Picture of frontcoverTitle: Oh Boy... The Compilation (Promo)
Format: 1CD
Company: Oh Boy / Disc de Luxe sarl
Ordering Number: Oh Boy 1-9000
Matrix Number: CDT Berlin OHBOY 1-9000  01
Country: Luxembourg (but more probably Germany)
Year: 1990
  1. The Faces    Twistin' the night away    4:33    (from "That's all you need")
  2. Peter Frampton    It's a plain shame    3:38    (from "Humble Pie + Peter Frampton Live in '73")
  3. Lou Reed    Ride Sally ride    3:53    (from "What ever happened to Dick and Steve?")
  4. Edgar Broughton Band    The rake    2:41    (from "It's not you")
  5. Beck, Bogart & Appice    Superstitious    5:05    (from "Let me love you")
  6. Free    Wishing well    4:13    (from "Free or dead")
  7. Jethro Tull    Hymn 43    4:13    (from "A new day yesterday")
  8. Black Sabbath    Children of the grave    4:09    (from "Metal mess")
  9. Led Zeppelin    Whole lotta love    2:10    (from "1st April (A Paris affair)")
  10. Ten Years After    Hard monkeys    4:03    (from "Live in the Bronx")
  11. Little Feat    Dixie chicken / Triple face Boogie    8:29    (from "When the shit hits the fan")
  12. Mahavishnu Orchestra    Meeting of the spirits    9:29    (from "Live")
  13. Soft Machine    Moon in June    8:37    (from "Live")
  14. MAN    Many are called - But few get up    8:50    (from "Brazilian cucumber meet Deke's new nose")
Live recordings from various sources and dates.

Notes and comments:

This is a limited edition promo sampler of the bootleg label Oh Boy, limited to 1000 copies. The CD is in a black jewel case and has a sticker on the front with the album title, as you can see from the picture above. The booklet, actually a single sheet which is folded to get 4 pages, has the same logo as on the sticker on the front, the track list in the middle pages, and a list of their catalogue on the back, from order number 1-9009 to 1-9035.
The company also released some bootlegs in vinyl format, the "Texas International Pop Festival 1969" releases are an example for this.

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