Ohrwaschl Sampler

Picture of front coverTitle: Ohrwaschl Sampler
Format: 1CD
Company: Ohrwaschl Records
Ordering Number: OWS
Matrix Number: OWSKMS 21
Country: Germany
Year: unknown (mid '90)
  1. McChurch Soundroom    Delusion    5:47    (from: Delusion)
  2. Nosferatu    Highway    4:15    (from: same titled)
  3. Analogy    Intermission    3:50    (from: The Suite)
  4. Sahara    The source part I & II    7:10    (from: For all the clowns)
  5. Virus    Mankind    5:00    (from: Thoughts)
  6. Subject Esq.    Gaintania    6:39    (from: same titled)
  7. Paternoster    Old danube    4:13    (from: same titled)
  8. Cardeilhac    Sadness    6:12    (from: same titled)
  9. Eclipse    Eyes of Satan    6:57    (from: Decadent Dance)
  10. Kaputter Hamster    Quarters for the nite    6:12    (from: same titled)
  11. Gäa    Bossa rustical    4:06    (from: Auf der Bahn zum Uranus)
  12. Black Spirit    Punk Rock'N Roll    6:30    (from: same titled)
  13. P205    When a soldier dies    5:38    (from: same titled)

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