Progfest '97

Picture of front coverTitle: Progfest '97
Format: 2CD
Company: Pangea Music International / Oyster Music
Ordering Number: OM110CD
Matrix Numbers: D0100 OM110CD / D0101 OM110CD
Country: USA
Year: 1997
  1. The John Wetton Band    In The Dead Of Night
  2. The John Wetton Band    Rendevouz 602
  3. The John Wetton Band    Starless
  4. Le Orme    Madre Mia / Prima Aqua
  5. Le Orme    Il Vecchio
  6. Le Orme    Il Fiume Pt.2
  7. Le Orme    Felona & Serona (Part a, b, c, d)
  8. Arena    Medusa
  9. Arena    Sirens
  1. The Flower Kings    Retropolis
  2. The Flower Kings    Humanizzimo (Part a, b, c, d)
  3. Spock's Beard    Thoughts
  4. Spock's Beard    Go The Way You Go
  5. Big Elf    Mindbender
  6. Big Elf    Sell Out
  7. Big Elf    Neuropsychopathic Eye
  8. Sinkadus    Ättensupan
Recorded live between May 22-24, 1997, at Progfest, Los Angeles

The liner notes:

PROGFEST - The international progressive music festival was begun in 1993 largely through the efforts of Greg Walker, owner of the syn-phonic record label in Los Angeles, California. From humble beginnings Progfest has grown to become the world's premiere progressive music festival serving as a catalyst for the revival of "prog-rock" around the world. After taking a year off in 1996 to reorganize, production responsibilities for the festival were passedon to PANGEA MUSIC (a responsibility which is not unlike that of giving birth to a baby!). Aided by the wise guidance of the progfest elders we were able to produce what was by all accounts the most entertaining festival yet; the production ran smoother (we're learning), the audience were larger, more diverse and energized and as a result the caliber of the band's performances were better than ever! This album documents some of the musical highlights from our magical Progfest '97 weekend of May 22-24 where the gritty streets of downtown Los Angeles were temporarily transformed into the prog-rock capitol of the world -- a true labor of love which could have only been made possible through the great efforts of all the staff, crew and musicians involved and most importantly through the continued support of fans like you! From all of us to you and back again DOMO AIGATO -- GRAZIE -- OBBIGATO -- GRACIAS -- MERCI BEAUCOUP -- CHEERS -- TACK -- THANK YOU VERY MUCH!
[Shawn Ahearn, Pangea Music Intl., Dec. '97]

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