Rock Legends - Rare Tracks

Picture of front coverTitle: Rock Legends - Rare Tracks
Format: 1LP
Company: PolyGram Records Pty. Limited
Ordering Number: 2475 711
Matrix Numbers: MX196841    2475 711-1 / MX196842    2475 711-2
Country: Australia
Year: 19??
Side 1:
  1. The Soft Machine    Love makes sweet music    (Polydor single 1967)
  2. Cream    Anyone for tennis    (Polydor UK only single 1968)
  3. Kevin Godley    To fly away    (released on UK only sampler "Marmalade 100% Proof")
  4. Fairport Convention    If I had a ribbon bow    (from their first single)
  5. Linda Lewis    You turned my bitter into sweet    (early 1967 Polydor single)
  6. Jethro Toe (Tull)    Sunshine day    (B-side of first MGM single 1968)
  7. Nicki Hopkins & The Whistling Piano    Mister Pleasant    (Polydor single 1967)
  8. The High Numbers (later The Who)    Zoot Suit    (B-side of Fontana single 1964)
  9. Jack Bruce    I'm gettin' tired (of drinkin' and gamblin' etcetera)    (A-side of Polydor single 1965)
Side 2:
  1. Jack Bruce    Rootin' tootin'    (B-side of Polydor single 1965)
  2. Stu Brown And Bluesology    Just a little bit    (Polydor Single 1967, feat. Elton John)
  3. Jethro Toe (Tull)    Aeroplane    (A-side of first MGM single 1968)
  4. John's Children    Desdemona    (Track single 1967, with Andy Ellison and Marc Bolan)
  5. Sly and The Family Stone    Take my advice    (previously unreleased)
  6. Jimi Hendrix    Dolly Dagger    (Isle of Wight Festival 1970)
  7. Alex Harvey and his Soul Band    Ain't that just too bad    (Polydor single 1965)
  8. The Soft Machine    Feelin' reelin' squeelin'    (B-side of Polydor single 1967)

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