Rock Roots

Picture of front coverTitle: Rock Roots
Format: 1LP
Company: Immediate / EMI Italiana S.p.A.
Ordering Number: 3C 064-94 399
Matrix Numbers: 94399-A - 17-5-73 I / 94399-B - 17-5-73 I
Country: Italy
Year: 1973
Side 1:
  1. John Mayall's Bluesbreaker with Eric Clapton    On top of the world    2:49
  2. Fleetwood Mac feat. Peter Green    Man of the world    2:49
  3. Albert Lee & Paul Williams    Water on my fire    3:27
  4. Chris Farlowe    Handbags and gladrags    3:29
  5. The All Stars feat. Nicky Hopkins    Piano shuffle    2:58
  6. Amen Corner    Gin house    3:35
  7. Small Faces    Itchycoo park    2:47
Side 2:
  1. Rod Stewart    Little Miss Understood    3:15
  2. Eric Clapton & Jimmy Page    Tribute to Elmore    2:07
  3. The Nice feat. Keith Emerson    Branderburger    4:43
  4. T. S. McPhee    When you got a good friend    2:35
  5. The All Stars feat. Jeff Beck    Steelin'    2:35
  6. Humble Pie    Cold lady    3:24
  7. Santa Barbera Machine Head feat. John Lord    Porcupine Juice    3:13

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