Rolling Stone

Picture of front coverTitle: New Voices Vol.7
Format: 1CD
Company: none
Ordering Number: none
Matrix Numbers: DRS 7-96   NEW VOICES   VOL. 7
Country: Germany
Year: 1996
  1. #??#    Reruns (Daisy Duke)    3:10
  2. Imperial Drag    Spyder    4:50
  3. Kevin Salem    Underneath    3:22
  4. Gary Floyd Band    Take It Like A Man    4:56
  5. Boomers    The Truth    6:01
  6. Patti Rothberg    Flicker    3:45
  7. Wild Carnation    The Rising Tide    4:18
  8. Rainravens    Coyote Moon    5:03
  9. Pete Droge & The Sinners    It Doesn't Have To Be That Way    3:58
  10. Mike Peters    The Love We Made    3:45
  11. Fiona Apple    Shadowboxer    5:24
  12. Sponge    I Am Anastasia    3:58
  13. Eels    Novocaine For The Soul    3:08
  14. Tab Two    Belle Affair    5:09
  15. Harry Connick, Jr.    Hear Me In The Harmony    4:46

Picture of front coverTitle: New Voices Vol.18
Format: 1CD
Company: none
Ordering Number: none
Matrix Numbers: A708130-01   DRS   NEW VOICES   VOL. 18
Country: Germany
Year: 1997 (?)
  1. Long Fin Killie    Lipstick    3:55
  2. Khao    Crazy Deseased And Barny    5:24
  3. Cuban Rebel Girls    Singing    4:15
  4. JZ Barrell    Brand New    2:02
  5. Rich Hopkins & Luminarious    Cherry Betrayal    5:17
  6. A Subtle Plague    First Street Blues    5:18
  7. Hugo Race & The True Spirit    Great White    4:51
  8. Slide    Whipdang    3:15
  9. Granfaloon Bus    Widow Weeds    4:42
  10. The Kelley Deal 6000    Brillo Hunt    3:34
  11. Richard Shindell    Smiling    4:41
  12. Todd McBride    Wounded Ltd.    3:25
  13. Wildflowers    Time To Get Up    2:18
  14. Velveteen    Stay Together    5:44

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