Steal This Disc

Picture of front coverTitle: Steal This Disc
Format: 1CD
Company: Rykodisc
Ordering Number: RCD 00210
Matrix Numbers: RCD 00210
Country: England
Year: 1991
  1. John & Mary    Red wooden beads    2:53
  2. Michael Case Kissen    Croc gossip    2:10
  3. Mahavishnu John McLaughlin    Something spiritual    2:52
  4. Jerry Jeff Walker    Flowers in the snow    3:11
  5. Evan Johns and his H-Bombs    Meant for you    3:20
  6. Kaiser & Kuriokhin    Rattlesnake roundup (reprise)    4:57
  7. Mission of Burma    Mika    3:31
  8. Howard Wales & Jerry Garcia    Da birg song    2:37
  9. King Sunny Ade    Ase    4:54
  10. The Charlie Rouse Band    Cinammon flower    4:26
  11. Phil Woods / Chris Swansen    Moose the mooche    3:53
  12. Birdsongs of the Mesozoic    Theme from Rocky and Bullwinkle    1:29
  13. Barking Tribe    Breakaway    2:36
  14. Devo    Uglatto    1:58
  15. Chris Wall    Something to shoot    3:33
  16. Richie Havens    If not for you    2:42
  17. Country Joe McDonald    Cocaine (Rock)    3:46
  18. Dweezil Zappa    Electric hoedown    3:24
  19. Keith Levene    Cops too    3:09
  20. The Screaming Tribesmen    I've got a feeling    3:56
  21. Marty Willson-Piper    To where I am now    3:53

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