Sounds '71

Picture of front coverTitle: Sounds '71
Format: 2LP
Company: Polydor
Ordering Number: 2675 015
Matrix Numbers: 0 0 2488 020 S1 / S2 / 0 0 2488 021 S1 / S2
Country: Germany
Year: 1970
Side 1:
  1. The Tony Williams Lifetime    Vueltra abajo    4:57
  2. Twink    Mexican Grass War    5:30
  3. Ted Nugent & The Amboy Dukes    Survival of the fittest    6:17
  4. The Keith Tippett Group    Three minutes from an afternoon in july    4:13
Side 2:
  1. Ten Wheel Drive with Genya Ravan    Pulse    4:21
  2. Out Of Focus    See how a white negro flies    5:48
  3. Ken Lauber    Undertown    4:12
  4. Murphy Blend    Präludium / Use your feet    5:32
Side 3:
  1. Aunt Mary    Whispering farewell    4:00
  2. Web    I spider    8:31
  3. Haystacks Balboa    Sticky finger    5:10
  4. Slade    Dirty joker    3:20
Side 4:
  1. Focus    Anonymous    7:00
  2. Gass    Holy woman    5:36
  3. Zoot Money    When will you know    4:05
  4. Jack Bruce    Born to be blue    4:13

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