America Now

Picture of front coverTitle: America Now
Format: 2CD
Company: Marlboro Music
Ordering Number: 0087422 MRO
Matrix Number: OPTIMAL Germany MRO 8742-2-1 / MRO 8742-2-2
Country: Germany
Year: 1994
CD1: (West Coast)
  1. Blackboard Jungle    Sound of our lives
  2. Blackboard Jungle    Hope & water
  3. Blackboard Jungle    Shade of fall
  4. Blackboard Jungle    An old friend
  5. Blackboard Jungle    Just like a dog
  6. Spun    Laugh
  7. Spun    Every question (has a thousand answers)
  8. Spun    Do the burnin' dog
  9. Spun    What else is there
  10. Spun    A man often in need of rides
CD2: (East Coast)
  1. Godhead    The answer
  2. Godhead    Feel
  3. Godhead    Hand me something
  4. Godhead    Lie to live
  5. Godhead    Unclean
  6. Sorry about your daughter    You gave up
  7. Sorry about your daughter    Zoe
  8. Sorry about your daughter    Trends
  9. Sorry about your daughter    Condescending you
  10. Sorry about your daughter    Broken

Picture of front coverTitle: America Now 2
Format: 1CD
Company: Marlboro Music
Ordering Number:
Matrix Number: E700021-01
Country: Germany
Year: 1994
  1. Urban Voodoo    Brutality
  2. Urban Voodoo    Pillbox
  3. Urban Voodoo    Wunderkind
  4. Urban Voodoo    Inexplicability
  5. Urban Voodoo    The chartist's soul
  6. Scrub    The happy song
  7. Scrub    Evolution - Revolution
  8. Scrub    Deep
  9. Scrub    Crawl
  10. Scrub    Real world
  11. Clockwise    She was
  12. Clockwise    Shadows
  13. Clockwise    So tired
  14. Clockwise    Keep it together
  15. Clockwise    Stupid girl song
  16. Banana Fish    Time bomb
  17. Banana Fish    Elevator
  18. Banana Fish    God is dead
  19. Banana Fish    She said
  20. Banana Fish    Jesus developer

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